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We Provide Online Training Solutions.

Employee training is a necessary activity to ensure that the team is abreast with requisite information and the skill set.  Investment in employee learning helps organizations build efficiencies and render best of customer service.  A well-trained team guarantees certain standards that may be expected of an organization.

Traditionally training is imparted by inviting employees to a central location where facilitator / trainer takes the team through the modules.  Interactivity with the trainer and with the other participants provides opportunities for team learning.  This model suits better when the objective is to impart leadership training to employees.

Where knowledge sharing is the main purpose, online training offers a better option.  This particularly helps when it is a challenge to pull the employees from their regular work.  E-Learning Platforms offer the advantage of learning at one’s own convenience and pace.  It may also prove to be huge cost save.

Organizations may mandate completion of certain modules for getting eligibility for shouldering higher responsibilities.  Completing a set of modules is necessary before an employee is confirmed in services.

At Quick Banker, we provide you with the complete solutions.  We help you with the technology platform that may be hosted either on your servers or on cloud.  We help in instructional design.  We have our facilities and skilled personnel to convert the content to slides, videos, audios and quiz. 

An employee gets to view the content through dedicated Id and Password.  Access to specific content is as per the requirement and per nature of the business. 

Here are some salient features of our Learning Management Systems and Solutions.

  1. The training content can take various forms –
    1. Text
    2. Presentation
    3. Voice Supported Presentation
    4. Video
    5. Audio and
    6. Quiz. 
  2. To hold the attention of the learner, suitable graphics and images are provided at appropriate places.
  3. Where content is required by employee for future reference, we provide such content as download. This, however, will be subject to the organizational policies on distribution of content. 
  4. It is common that the learning requirement of different departments will be different.  Also, the content for a junior executive will be different from that of a manager or senior manager.  The system identifies the employee with the help of the User Id and presents only such content that is relevant to the role. 
  5. Employees are awarded online certificates for the completed modules. 
  6. Qualifying parameters may be defined by the client, as percentage of score. 
  7. While an employee takes test, there will be a timer that clicks on the screen. 
  8. It is possible to integrate the intranet site with LMS platform. 
  9. The colors and feel of the platform will match your corporate colors. 
  10. Where training is required on transaction processing on systems, we help recording the screens and provide suitable annotations and explanations to the content.
  11. The HR team will get to see the progress of each individual employee on the learning. A separate dashboard is provided which can be accessed only by authorized personnel. 

We recommend certain mandatory modules in the course curriculum.  This includes modules on company’s code of conduct and on POSH (Prevention of sexual harassment).  These will be the modules that every employee needs to undergo before the services are confirmed.  This can also go as part of induction program. 

Our other related services include: 

  1. Application maintenance including taking periodical backup. 
  2. Defining learning objectives, training content and the design.
  3. Where required, our domain experts will write the content.
  4. Where training is required on documentation, such formats can be provided for download and for practice.
  5. We may have appropriate case studies that will drive the main point of the subject.

Pricing of the product mainly depends on the extent of coverage of the subject and the time it takes for development and for placing it on the platform.  It also depends on the storage space and the bandwidth required for good reader experience.  

Once contracted, we will be in continuous engagement with you during the entire process of designing, developing and making the E-Learning Platform live. 

Please write to us for any additional information required.

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