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We Help Recruit Trained Personnel 

Quick Banker is a derivative product built around the concept of hiring, training, and deploying.  This suits where entry-level hiring is high.  It is a cost-saving model for organizations as ‘trained-employees’ are recruited.  Generally, organizations provide an in-principle offer to candidates and their admission will be based on successful completion of the training and certification.

It is a product of Winnow Consultants Private Limited.  The company provides both in-house and online training for the BFSI sector.

We have separate modules for Operations, Sales, Customer Service, Trade Finance, etc

The product is customized to meet specific requirements of Banks, NBFCs, Insurance Companies, and Cooperative Banks.

The candidates are first short-listed before they are put to the training.  This is based on the aptitude and presentation skills of the candidates as assessed by the team.  We provide this assessment platform online.  Alternatively, the same may be executed in physical formats.

Interview of short-listed candidates is done based on a personal interview in which the Client’s HR will take part.  A conditional offer letter is given only to the candidates who make it in the interview.

All the chosen candidates will be taken through the training program which generally runs over 2 months.  Periodical assessments are an integral part and the test results are shared with the HR team periodically.  HR may conduct a final interview before onboarding a candidate.

The course will be activity based where the participants are expected to work on forms and formats of the recruiting organization.  We also recommend functional heads to address the teams at intervals and provide insights and inspiration. 

The topics broadly cover the following:

  1. Business profile – About the company / Who is who / Expectations from the candidate etc.
  2. Job related aspects including products and processes
  3. Behavioral aspects
  4. Office skills (like mail etiquette, communication etc.
  5. Working on office tools – MS Office / Libre Office
  6. Code of conduct and employee policies

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