Lessons Estimated Time
Banking framework 10 hrs hours
Liability Products 20 hours
Customer Onboarding 30 hours
Branch Operations 30 hours
Customer Service 20 hours
Notices and Compliance 20 hours
Information Security 20 hours
Branch Management 20 hours

Course Description

The module is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of banking products, processes and services.The program helps the candidates to get to work from the day one of their joining. The candidates also get trained on the written part of the exam of recruiting organizations. Aditionally, candidates will get trained on communication and office etiquette.

Course Content

  • Five days a week online coaching.
  • Course covers aspects related to the products, procedures and services of a retail bank branch.
  • Learning is facilitated by audios, videos and presentations.
  • Course content designed considering the current policies and directives of RBI.
  • Assignments and activities to support the understanding of subject.
  • Assessment through continuous evaluation.
  • Levels :Intermediate
  • Start On :21.12.2020
  • Duration :30 Hours
  • Class Size :20 Participants
  • Lectures :60 Session
  • Time :10am - 1pm
  • Location :Online sessions
  • Price :Rs. 50,000/-

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