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General Banking


Program Overview

The General Banking Module is a 3-month course designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of banking products and services.  There are 8 sub-modules outlined undersyllabus here.  The program is designed by a team of senior bankers and helps the candidates get to work right from the day they join a bank.  However, there will be certain aspects like understanding the technology platforms which are specific to individual banks.  Candidates will get to learn such topics when they are on the job.

Apart from the core banking concepts, the course also covers aspects related to the written examination which generally is employed by recruiting banks to assess the basic aptitude of the candidates.  Candidates will get an understanding of what is expected of them once they join the job and start operating.

Banks use various forms which are filled and submitted by customers  In this course a candidate will get complete understanding of these forms and there terminology used.

Training is done through online sessions, case studies, activites, videos, audios and quiz.  There will be continuous weekly assessment and the results are shared with the recruiting banks.

General Banking Syllabus

Banking Framework

We welcome you to this program on Retail Banking.  The modules are designed in line with the banking framework in India. 

We start this session with the understanding what actually banking is and how the face of bank have been changing over a period.

Then we attempt to understand the framework within which the banking happens.  We will understand different types of banks and financial institutions. 

We will also touch upon the legal framework which will be discussed in subsequent modules.