How To Prepare

As the saying goes....” Early bird reaches the nest”..start your preparation right at the Campus.  .

As a first step collect information about the opportunities in the career front.   Discuss with your peers, well-wishers, mentors, and the person whom you trust as a good advisor, do thorough introspection, and decide on “What do you want to become ?”. once took a decision, start your journey towards achieving “THAT’.

 Understand the recruitment process of various sectors and industries.  Recruitment of any type tests the candidate for his/her mathematical aptitude, logical thinking, and oral and written communication.

Take a pragmatic look, assess your skill level to understand the areas that call for improvement. 

  • If you are weak in mathematics start working on turning it into your strength.  Learn from the basics to understand the concept.  Once you are thorough with the concept applying the same will become easy.
  • Logical reasoning is a completely new subject that we never come across in the regular curriculum.  This subject calls for a different approach. This subject can be learned better in groups.  Discussing with fellow members about the problems and patterns in this section will help in a better understanding of the subject. Once you understand the logic, it's a very interesting subject and a high-scoring subject also.

  • Another important subject is English.  Unless you are convent educated or you did your schooling in English medium, chances are more that you will find English a challenge in competitive exams. It will also throw you a challenge when you receive a call for an interview.  

  • Assess your present skill in the above subjects and compare them with the cut-offs set in the recent competitive exams.  This exercise will give a fair understanding of where do you stand in the competitive arena.   2 hours of dedicated study per day will give amazing results. 

  • Completion of graduation is a prerequisite for writing the competitive exams.  Then, the question comes to your mind is, what is the use of preparing while in the Campus. 
Warfare should not be manufactured when the war is on.  The same thing applies to competitive exams also.

when you are on the campus you have ample time to do all-round preparation without any pressure of running out of eligibility age.

Start early so that you can walk out of the Campus  with flying colors


All the best!!