Competitive Exam

The college curriculum is generally in a formula as approved by the universities. People who get good scores and great.. 

 People who get good scores and great CGPA at times find it difficult to score when it comes to the competitive exam environment.  The expectations are different.  Here are few insights that you may find useful.

  • Preparing for competitive exams requires rigorous practice and patience, provided you are thorough with the basics. Yes, it may seem like a huge task, but proper guidance will benefit in the long run
  • Everyone has a unique way of grasping concepts. Some learn by writing down the notes, while others learn by reading out loud. You need to first understand what kind of a student you are. And then work on strengthening your strengths.
  • If you are already giving competitive exams but not getting through mains or interviews, maybe you need guidance from a different perspective.
  • Have you tried different techniques of learning before quitting? Maybe a group of compatible friends can be a solution for that. 
People differ in their learning styles.  Find out your style of learning

Group study makes one understand the concepts more thoroughly and makes the process enjoyable.  Also, teaching someone the same subject in which you are weak makes you overcome the fear of that subject and probably teach you a new thing or two while doing so.